The Windows 10 version of Plex has been updated with a new feature and a lot of fixes. Version 3.1.13 adds a support for photo play queues and fixes search issues, syncing problems and fixes DNS issues.

The app is available from the Windows Store and the server from

3.1.13 NEW

– Photo Play Queues support (#1192). Casting of large photo libraries from other devices should start much more quickly now

FIX – (Music) Fix timeline not being updated in certain situations

– (Search) Fix navigation to episode search results – (Search) Replace existing library section filters when navigating to a section

– (Search) Fix crash on Windows 10 Mobile

– (Search) Keyboard accelerators would be activated while typing a query (#1916)

– (Search) Fix navigating to photos from a quick-search (#1917)

– (Local Server) Fix local library compatibility with iOS client

– (Sync) Add ‘Original’ quality for music syncing (#1904)

– (Photo) Set correct state on gallery previous/next buttons when loading page (#1923)

– (Play Queue) Trailer names were not appearing in the Play Queue popup in the video player page (#1924)

– Fix ‘Ctrl+Shift+F’ and ‘Ctrl+Shift+B’ keyboard shortcuts

– Remove media info popup (#1593) – Fix DNS Rebinding Protection warnings being displayed when device is offline (#1897)

– Make sure that loopback servers are tested if device is offline (#1897)

– Fix mouse cursor auto-hide behavior

– A number of user-reported crashes

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