We have all heard of location, location, location as central to the make or break in the housing sector. Well in IT it is speed, speed, speed.

Efficiency and increasing speed of getting your product to market. This is what motivates businesses to turn to digital services, as there simply is no faster way.

In fact, by 2030 the speed of analytics will increase thirty-fold, with 95 percent of queries being answered in milliseconds, according to SAP.

From facilities managers and stock control to HR, accounts, customer services and analytics, globally, businesses are turning to digital solutions to streamline, reduce waste and remain competitive.

A major part of being competitive in today’s crowded marketplace, where the internet means so many more businesses are vying for your customers attention, is being flexible, or rather we should say, agile.

Technology moves fast and so must businesses. Adapt or be left behind.

Interestingly, those that are slow to embrace digital are being left behind as the Fortune 1000 list shows, where 70 percent on the list from ten years ago have gone.

The annual World Quality Report 2015 identified that businesses are indeed struggling with the ‘speed of technological change’.

In fact even agile, which not too long ago was the go-to buzz word, has changed.

So, in this age of speed and change, what digital service should you go for.

Sogeti UK are a leading digital service provider offering DevOps, which you could say is the ‘new’ agile.

DevOps services deliver the ultimate in speed. It aims for ‘Continuous Delivery’, rather than the traditional ‘waterfall’ methodology and is about Developers and Technology Operators collaborating and communicating to achieve a much faster delivery of new updates.

Fancy getting your code into production 200 times faster than your competitor and with 30 times more frequency? Who wouldn’t?

DevOps can mean slimming down teams, opening up face-to-face communication channels and getting rid of hierarchical communication barriers. The developer, for example, needs to know the job of the QA member who needs to know the job of the operations analyst and vice-versa.

If this is not done properly you can get a ‘jack of all trades’ scenario and also no one taking responsibility and at worst, a blame game.

So, yes, employing a DevOps digital service comes with challenges, which is why it pays to have this managed by experienced and highly qualified DevOps consultants to mitigate against risk.

When it comes to boosting profitability, growth and innovation is there any question over which digital service your business needs?

Join organisations like Amazon, Facebook and Netflix in launching major projects fast with shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency and faster time to market.

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