Surf the Internet freely. Do you want to try best VPN for Opera today? In that case, you should know all the ins of out of choosing one. Just keep reading

Opera innovates with a free VPN

Opera is a web browser living in the shadow of giants lie Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To stand out from its competitors, Opera now offers its users free unlimited VPN to secure their connections, be anonymous and bypass geographic blocks.

In a few moments you will discover the criteria on which you should base your selection of the most appropriate VPN for Opera. Oh yes, before you ask the question: there is no “best option”, one that stands out and that crushes all others. There are certainly few that stand out, but it will be up to you to choose the one that suits you the most. We all have personal criteria that we are going to prefer one over another. For example, there is one that will provide connection software with which you feel most comfortable; or it will offer a feature that its competitors do not. It will be up to you. To understand the choice of possibilities, let`s have a look at best vpn for opera.


To exist in the world of web browsers, Opera has chosen an innovative approach so as to snatch market share from its competitors. It has built-in fully functional adblocker. Now, the browser offers users a VPN for browsing anonymously. This feature is currently available for developers, but it should soon be available to the general public after some tests. This technology allows users to mask their IP address to remain anonymous and to protect personal data against hackers.

How to use the VPN Opera

It is very simple to use once the user has enabled the feature. The corresponding button then appears in the address bar. It allows you to see the IP address used, its location and the volume of data consumed. No need to return with options to disable or enable the VPN, this is done quickly through a small window.


The provider is not mentioned. Nevertheless, it is important to know who is a supplier and if he is trustworthy to effectively protect personal data and to ensure online anonymity. In fact, all internet traffic will transit users on the servers. By enabling browser functionality, one can discover that this is SurfEasy, a subsidiary of Opera, which provides this service.

To benefit from the service, users must accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When browsing, one discovers that this service does not retain security log and it does not store the IP address of its users. No history of applications or sites browsed is kept. However, SurfEasy says it can provide data to the judicial authorities if they require it. Funding for this service can be explained by the fact that this browser is seeking to attract new users.

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