Last week, Nintendo shocked the world by revealing the “Switch,” its forthcoming console that we’ve been referring to as Nintendo NX. We’ve known for some time that Nintendo was working on something new to move past the somewhat bland Wii U era. But many gamers were picturing a “next-gen” style console rather than a new twist on the very concept of console gaming. But that’s exactly what the Nintendo Switch appears to be.

Here are five things to know about the newly unveiled gaming console.

1) Basic Description

The quickest way to describe the Switch is that it’s a console that can be taken on the go in the truest sense. There’s a handheld screen that, when lifted from its charging station, picks up your game from wherever you left off. It has controllers on either side that can actually be lifted off of the screen, either for multiplayer (each side becomes a small controller) or for your own convenience if you want to prop the screen up in front of you but hold the controllers in your hands. Then, once you return to your television, you can slide the portable device back into its station, pick up a regular controller, and resume your game.

2) The Early Games List

Nintendo has actually claimed that despite showing gameplay, the Switch reveal did not confirm any specific games that will be available for the new console. That said, it seems that we do have a small list of guaranteed titles. The list was originally revealed by Nintendo back when we only knew the next console as the “NX” and was included in a write-up on the upcoming console. The confirmed line-up features The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild, Dragon Quest XI, Project Sonic 2017, and Just Dance 2017. There also appeared to be a new Super Mario game, a version of Mario Kart, and what looked a whole lot like NBA 2k17 but we’ll have to wait a little bit before titles like these are made official.

3) You Can Play Anywhere

Unlike with the Wii U’s handheld device, the Nintendo Switch can be played anywhere, regardless of the WiFi situation. And that may actually be the most significant thing about the new console. As demonstrated in the reveal trailer, this means it can be taken all over the place, making it the truest example of console gaming going mobile. This is particularly significant given the modern climate in gaming, where mobile games are increasingly impressive in their imitations of console quality. There are whole genres that we never used to think of as “on-the-go” games that are now available via mobile devices. For instance, you can find a whole selection of casino table games at this online platform that can be played with real money and against real, live competitors, all accessible via mobile devices. Roulette, craps, and card games alike can be enjoyed from anywhere, at any time. Similarly, some popular online arcades like Tanks and Bloons TD have been adapted to mobile versions allowing for direct competition against other players. The Switch’s ability to be played anywhere nudges Nintendo into this branch of gaming in which players can take their favourite entertainment wherever they go.

4) It Encourages Co-Op

While the Switch can indeed be played anywhere, it’s actually not built for online multiplayer. In a way, Nintendo is banking on that being part of the charm. But in-person co-op and multiplayer have always been important to Nintendo. After all, think back to when you were playing games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. on a couch with friends, all hooked up to the same N64! That’s the kind of activity that Nintendo appears to be attempting to bring back with the Switch. The fact that even the portable device supports two controllers that can be used to play a split screen game in multiplayer mode is different for a modern gaming device, and in a way brings back a concept that was quickly fading into the past.

5) There’s More To Come

The reveal seemed to show quite a bit regarding how the Switch works and how it will be played. But, according to one report, Nintendo hasn’t revealed everything yet, and will be unveiling more of the Switch’s details and capabilities in 2017. That’s a nice tease, because it’s already a little bit difficult to imagine what more this console could do.

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