The Surface Pro 4 is a great Windows 2 in 1 with a great form factor but not everyone wants pay over £700 for the premium device. Makes of budget Windows devices Linx are launching a new Surface like clone but with budget specs. The Linx 10V32 is a 10 inch tablet with detachable keyboard and kick stand, it looks very much like a Surface Pro but budget components. Inside the Linx is an Intel Atom processor, 2 GB RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage for £199. With specs like that the machine will be ok for email and light web browsing but that will be just about it, certainly no video editing or gaming but for less than £200 it’s a nice device.

If you do want a higher spec they are offering a 64GB version for £239.99 going up to a 12 inch version with 4GB of RAM for £349.99. Checkout my review of the £139 Linx 1010B for an idea of the type of devices Linx make. The devices launch November 3rd.

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