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Siemens LOGO! is an intelligent logic module that is designed for small automation projects enabling you to replace existing wired conventional switching and control devices with programmable flexible logic module. Through simple easy installation with a minimum of wiring LOGO! can replace old control system and then be easily programmed via LOGO! Soft Comfort.

There is an integrated display so you can see change parameters which can also be used for programming LOGO! It has Ethernet connectivity with configurations including SIMATIC HMI and S7 controllers, other modules are available including communications via SMS, time synchronization, positions detections and Ethernet networks.

When it comes to functionality ease of operations for users and programmers is key so LOGO! Includes preset functions out of the box like ON/OFF delay, weekly timer, pulse generator, astro timer, annual timer and stop watch. There are more than 40 functions available and programs can included up to 400 blocks. You can also create your own macros an record data.

The kind of applications for LOGO! include the control of industrial manufacturing processes, controlling fish farms with oxygen monitors and automatic feeding stations, automation in the home controlling blinds and lights even for controlling operations in Spa. LOGO! has certification for installation in residential homes and can be used for basic machines or plant control as well as building automation tasks. There is even a LOGO! app for Android and iOS so you can control LOGO! with a smartphone.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the launch of Siemens LOGO! and in this video Siemens LOGIC! Talk about their experiences with LOGO!

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