The Windows 10 UWP version of the excellent Plex Media system has been updated. Version 3.0.78 has UI tweaks including being able to toggle full screen from the title bar, it has auto-advancing photo slideshows and enables panning images in the gallery with the mouse. Also added is integration into the Feedback Hub and various bug fixes:

The app is available from the Windows Store and the server from


(UI) Toggle full screen from the title bar

Feedback Hub integration

Auto-advancing photo slideshow (#1765)

Enable panning gallery images with mouse pointer


(Video) The player sometimes failed to resume the video on the correct position and started at 0:00:00. We beat it into submission for you (#1854)

(Video) Remove labels from transport controls

(Video) When selecting a version from a movie with multiple versions, the choice was not always respected (#1853)

(UI) Hide app bars when opening a flyout, to avoid icons showing on top of flyout

(Album) Tracks without metadata have blank options on long hold (#1787)

(Sync) Cannot create sync item for album when navigating from a hub (#1850)

(Sync) Sometimes synced music failed to play

(Companion) Photos were not completely zoomed out on controller when casting to another player

(UI) Some improvements on keyboard/remote navigation (#1536)

(Music) Several background music playback reliability fixes

Fix a couple of situations where app was closing unexpectedly when resuming from suspended state

Use controller connection address to send timelines, if matching player connection is not available

Improve logging for crashes that occur at startup

A number of user-reported crashes

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