Windows Hello is a great way of logging in to Windows with either an Iris scanner or fingerprint reader but not many devices come with the necessary hardware built it. Microsoft have started selling 3rd party fingerprint reader that enable Windows Hello on any Windows 10 device.

The BIO-key readers come three editions. There is a mini USB reader, a slightly larger SideSwipe reader and a SideTouch Fingerprint Reader all priced at £39.99.

They look nice accessories it’s just a shame they are currently only for sale in the US Microsoft Store but hopefully it won’t take to long for them to go on sale in the UK store.

One thought on “Microsoft’s US Store now selling Windows Hello BIO-key fingerprint readers”
  1. My Venue Pro 11 has a finger print reader on it and its ace when it works! It stopped working when i reset Windows 10, i couldn’t find a driver, and Dells solution was to reset and start again (not helpful), The anniversary update has brought the functionality back but another Dell “update” stopped it working – i have rolled back twice now (removing the update) which keeps the fingerprint functionality working! Other than logging in – i havent found ANY websites that use HELLO instead of passwords though…. I think i would keep my wallet in my pocket instead of buying one of these 🙂


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