An issue I have seen quite a few times with Windows 10 is apps crashing on launch, so you click on app like Twitter or Facebook and it starts to load up and then immediately closes. I have seen this happen with a range of apps including Netflix, Twitter and the Windows Store.

Introduced in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a hidden feature that enables fixing of apps. The nice thing about the feature is that it cannot only reset apps it can also reset built in apps like the Windows Store (which in the past were difficult to repair). By way of a warning you should note that depending on the app it could delete all content of the app (like saved games) or the sign on information so you have to sign back in, it most cases nothing is deleted.

So to fix the broken app follow this procedure:

    1. Go to settings
    2. Select System
    3. Select Apps & features ,it will then list all the Windows apps you have installed on your system
    4. Find the app you want to reset

    5. Click on Advanced options

    6. Click on Reset
      1. It will then ask if you really want to Reset the app.
      2. Click Reset

The app will then be deleted and then re-downloaded and installed. The app should now work aain.

Depending on the way the app has been developed it could mean the apps data has been wiped so you may have to sign back in or if it’s a game the save may have been erased. Some apps like Twitter work again without having to sign back in,

This technique has fixed the Windows Store, Twitter, Facebook and Netflix apps in the past. I hope it works for you.

One thought on “How to fix a Windows 10 app that crashes on launch”
  1. This is great, and now I would only love to see this features on Windows 10 Mobile, that’s something we desperately need. Right now we would have to do a hard reset in case we needed to reinstall one if those apps.

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