Emby Server 3.0.6050 released

The fantastic Emby server a great alternative to Windows Media Center in Windows 10 and it hast just been updated. Emby Server 3.0.6050 has fixes for menu queues, DLNA and resolutions of movies as well as performance improvements.

Emby server is free and there are Windows Media Center type clients as well as apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix queue menu options
  • Added additional fixes for Mono 4.4, specifically relating to the library scan
  • Resolve DLNA failure with Media Monkey
  • Improved incorrect detection of multi-resolution movies

Other Changes

  • Support mp4 timed text
  • Validate hardware encoder presence before attempting to use
  • Improve library scan performance
  • Improve people refresh performance
  • Improve server shutdown performance
  • Improve server dashboard loading performance
  • Improve performance of loading artist lists

Added more transcoding details of active sessions to the server dashboard

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