Microsoft have released a new Windows 10 build for Windows Insiders on the fast ring and this time its build 14393. This build could be the one that will roll out to all Windows 10 users August 2nd.

As you would expect there are no new features in this build and the fixes include improvements to the reliability of Start, Cortana and Action Center plus they have fixed the iPod USB issue. On mobile there are battery drain fixes and dual SIM fixes.

There is a known issue with this build in that Surface devices may Blue Screen due to camera driver issues and this will be fixed via a driver update in Windows Update.

Details from Microsoft:

Improvements and fixes for PC

We have improved the reliability of Start, Cortana, and Action Center.

You should now be able to mount iPods as USB mass-storage devices.

Improvements and fixes for Mobile

We fixed an issue resulting in rapid battery drain when Visual Voicemail syncs voicemail messages on Dual SIM devices like the Lumia 950 XL.

We also fixed an issue causing some battery drain on older devices like the Lumia 535, 640, 735, 830, 930 and Icon.

We fixed the issue causing Voice Recorder to not show up consistently as an option for Call Recording. A app update was released last Friday that fixes this issue. Make sure you have the app version 10.1607.1931.0.

We fixed several issues impacting Dual SIM capabilities. Using a device with two SIMs should work as it should.

Known issues for PC

We are aware of certain cases in which Surface Books and Surface Pro 4’s may bugcheck (bluescreen) due to a camera driver issue. An updated driver will roll-out via Windows Update soon that will fix this.

Known issues for Mobile

We are continuing to investigate W-Fi issues on certain devices.

Turning off Bluetooth can sometimes result in freeze, crash, or reset. See this forum post for more details.

Wallet users are prompted for a PIN twice when using tap to pay from a locked phone. You can enter their PIN twice and tap as usual once the phone is unlocked. A fix for this will come as a Wallet app update via the Store.

So next Tuesday this build will roll out to all Windows 10 users via Windows Update and the Redstone development process will be complete.

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