Microsoft say one of the top feedback requests around the Groove music app is the ability to navigate music collections by folders in the app. Currently you can view you music collection by Album, Artists or Song but not via the folder system. The Groove team are looking at add folder navigation and what feedback on how you organize your music collections in folders and what features would you want in the Groove app when viewing folders.

Week after week we hear the request to add the ability to navigate music collections by folder in the Groove app. We’re thinking about how to build it the right way and would love more detailed feedback.

How do you organize your collection by folder? A folder per album? A folder per artist? A folder by season?

Once we expose your folder structure in Groove, how do you expect to interact with them? Play buttons on each folder? Should your folders be included in the “Add to” menus?

Tell us your story. We’re listening.

Go to the Microsoft Answers forums and help Microsoft with your feedback.

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