When moving to Android from Windows 10 Mobile one of thing that made it easy was the good support for the Microsoft Band on Android however currently there seem to be some big programs for Android users. If you are using a Microsoft Band with Android you should avoid the latest app update as the July 22nd update has major syncing issues with the Microsoft Band.

The app now crashing when syncing with the Band or in come case the app will not even open. There also seem to be issues with battery drain on the Band since the last update.

There are multiple reports of this in the Google Play Store with lots of upset Microsoft Band users. Even before the update I noticed that it tended to drain the battery faster than any other app but this release seems to have serious connectivity issues rendering the app almost useless.

Hopefully Microsoft can fix this quickly as there are a lot of frustrated users currently.

Update 26/07/2016 The latest update fixes the connection issues.

The app can be found in the Google Play Store.

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