If you’re looking at jumping onto the Smart Watch tend but your budget won’t stretch to an Apple Watch, Android Wear or a Microsoft Band then then you could take a look at the £12 ID107 Smart Watch. The ID7 is a heart rate monitor, step counter, sleep monitor and has push notifications from an Android or iOS device, sorry no Windows apps.

The watch is comfortable to wear with an adjustable strap, it is slimmer than something like a Microsoft Band and lighter I find it more comfortable then the Microsoft Band. It has a rubber strap, a plastic body with the heart rate sensor underneath the body. The display to portrait mode with a small screen on it (0.49 inch OLED), I prefer portrait mode to the left to right layout of the Microsoft Band as it is easier to read when on the wrist.


The small screen displays the time, date and battery life as it active when it detects movement so the clock is not always on. As well as the time it can display your heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and distance walked. All this data is then sent back to your phone via the VeryFit app for iOS and Android.

The app tracks the data which you can view on the phone with charts for steps taken each day, week, month and year. You can also view your sleep patterns, overall the app has a lot details including calorie consumption and daily burn. It can also push its data to Google Fit for more analysis.

As well as tracking information the app can push notifications to the watch. It can send notifications for incoming calls, SMS alerts, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other notifications to the watch. You can’t actually read them you just know that there is an alert and to look on your phone. The watch can also notify you when you have left your phone behind when it loses Bluetooth connectivity. You can also trigger your phones camera from the watch which is a handy feature. It will even tell you to get up and move about when you have been sat down for too long.

Battery life is impressive I had at least 5 days before charging it and it comes with a snap on charging cable.

For the price I have been really impressed with the watch. The fitness features are really strong and the push notifications work really well, the fact it links up to Google Fit means you can use Google’s system for storing data. It is comfortable to wear and rain/sweat proof) and comparing the step counter to the Microsoft Band and Moto 360 Sport the data is actuate. It comes in Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange colours.

There are some downsides, you can only have notifications from the list of apps and not pick your own plus you have to actually use your phone to see the message anyway but for £12 it is a great way of tracking your heart rate and steps plus getting some smart watch features thrown in.

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    1. Hi Bhavani, not sure if this is helpful seeing as you posted a month ago. My info has been correct so far. I’ve only had it for a week now, but comparing the results with my previous device, it was very close. I did realize (at least for me) that you do have to move your arms for it to count your steps, so if you’re carrying something in your arms it likely won’t count those steps, or at least it didn’t for me. All those trips with the laundry basket went uncounted.

  1. I really like this device and have had no issues other than the call and sms notifications not working any longer. I received notification of one call and one text on my first day using it, but that was it. Not a single notification since. Any advice?

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