The excellent Emby Server has been updated to version to 3.0.5986. The new version now has support for XML TV so you can user the guide data source in your EPG. There is also a new channel mapping feature so you can map guide data to TV channels. There is also experimental hardware transcoding and Apple TV subtitle improvements.

There are also plenty of bug fixes in the new build which you can read more about at Emby.Media

Other Improvements

Update live tv suggestions to incorporate frequently watched channels

Add setting to configure local IP address to bind http server with

Add visual time indicator in tv guide

Improve real-time monitor change management

Support season and episode trailers from MovieDb

Support flat tv libraries without series or season folders

Adjust bitrate when converting between h264 and h265

Add clickable tvdb episode urls

Add clickable trakt links for movies and series

Improve display of active recordings

Improve generated subtitle display names

Improve generated playlist images

Improve error handling when transcode fails to start

Avoid auto-restarting during recordings

Add list view to several item list screens

Update HLS subtitle display name

Continue jQuery removal in mobile web app

Utilize css containment

Deprecate X-Frame-Options

Sign out all active user sessions after password change

Update vsync when transcoding

Add fixes for mono 4.4

Update vsync when transcoding

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