Staying secure online is crucial. With so much of our financial and confidential data online now, it’s more important than ever now to protect our online accounts and devices against any potential cyber threats. Here are 5 ways that you can improve your online security:

Data Erasure

Using a data erasure service like the one offered by Pinnacle Data means that data can be permanently erased from servers and hard drives. This protects businesses from potential fraud or losing any confidential information by removing data forever, so it cannot be recovered no matter what technology is used.

Install a Firewall

The best way to defend yourself against any potential cyber-attacks is by installing a firewall. Most PC’s and laptops already come with a firewall installed but this is usually very basic and only protects you against major threats. By upgrading to a more stringent firewall, you’ll be protected against a much wider range of threats.

Check your Wi-Fi Connectivity

One thing a lot of people forget is that their Wi-Fi connection isn’t always as secure as it should be.  A good way to protect other it is by preventing other people from connecting to your network by making sure that is it password protected and that you regularly change and update the password regularly.


Keeping up to date with software updates is a crucial way to stay safe online. By having the latest versions of programmes installed you’ll be much less vulnerable to any cyber threats than without as many software producers use the latest technology when creating new versions. When prompted to update your software packages always do it straight away to secure yourself the extra protection.

Be Sensible

Use your common sense when it comes to surfing the internet. If a website has lots of grammatical errors, bad spelling and images in poor resolution, then it might not be legit. Never enter any of your private or financial information on a website which you don’t 100% trust. Check the URL to see if it is legit and if you feel there is something wrong with the website then don’t use it.

There are many ways to stay secure online, these are just some of the things you can do to protect yourself.  The best thing to do is to use your common sense if something doesn’t look right and take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself on the web.

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