Our life today is surrounded by technology. Almost every our step is controlled by apps in our smartphones and almost everything we deal with in our daily life is a piece of technology.

The vast range of newly developed technologies can greatly affect our lives as it concerns almost every part of our modern society. We don’t even pay attention to varieties of technologies we are using daily: smartphones, tablets, refrigerators etc. Our generation is completely helpless without modern technologies.

Technology implementation

The idea of going out without a cell phone is insane as our phone gives us a possibility to listen to music on our way home or to read some news. Our tablets are real substitutes for books, magazines and even notebooks. Our life would be hard without online shopping as we have already forgotten how it feels like going out in a shopping mall. The only thing that cannot be replaced today is meeting with friends over a cup of coffee. But it is possible to chat via Skype or Facetime with a friend and to enjoy your tea at the same time. Digital technologies have captured us and our love is mutual. The humanity got corrupted by the easiness of life given by technology. Sometimes even our own lives depend on machines, such as in life support systems in hospitals.

There are a lot of hidden cameras used as security assets: in banks, on the roads to detect accidents, in casinos all over the world thousands of security cameras are used to catch thieves and multi-lens digital cameras to scan casino’s gaming floors. There we have also chips with built-in radio transmitters that always inform casino security staff that players attempt to leave the casino without cashing out or are gambling with fake chips  Anyone should be aware of them even playing online here, according to the Casinority slots guide. But still, due to the popularity of gambling there is an increased need for surveillance.

Devices and tech innovations we can’t live without

Here we would mention few innovations that changed our lives completely:

  • Internet. The World Wide Web extends the knowledge and various kinds of information throughout the world. It exist for about 25 years and today it is impossible to imagine our life without it;
  • Smartphones. Devices which provide you with access almost everywhere using Internet not to mention its primal assignment to make phone calls. Also you can read, watch movies, listen to music etc.;
  • Video games are helping to pass the time and to entertain oneself;
  • PCs, laptops, tablets. Computers are getting smaller but faster and more convenient;
  • Radio changed methods of communication in 1920;
  • Television is still quite popular among older generation but youth will definitely prefer video games or Internet.

All these inventions and innovations are quite beneficial for the society but at the same time they make people addicted and even enslaved.

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