You can get some really expensive and high quality wireless headphones but at the rate I go through headphones I prefer so go with cheaper options. The Coocheer Wireless headset I am reviewing costs around $11 so definitely in the budget range but it has some nice features.

The headset fits over your head with a band and which keeps the earpieces in position. There is enough spring in the plastic band to keep the headset in place without them moving or slipping off. There are three sets of ear tips so you can get a size that fits you comfortably.

I paired the headset up with my phone and found the audio quality very good, I does miss a bit of low end bass but that is to be expected given the size and weight of the headset. You can control the volume and pause playback from the buttons on the earpiece. You can also use it as headset for voice calls using the built in microphone.

Coocheer say you get around 6 hours of continues use, I have been using then on and off for the last few days and not charged them up yet they also say that the transmission range is around 10 meters which I could just about replicate, when I was out walking with my phone in my pocket I found it would occasionally briefly drop the signal which was a bit annoying and I found switch from my left pocket to my right sorted the problem.

Charging is done via a Micro USB cable (supplied) plugged into the port on the headset and takes about two hours to charge from flat. The nice thing about the springy plastic band of the headset is when you take them off they curl up flat so you can put them in your pocket.

I have tested bigger and more expensive wireless headphones which while producing a better sound I found they were too big to carry in your pocket and carry around with you. For $11 you can’t really go wrong.

More info here and here.


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