Microsoft Health for Android updated Cortana support

This week I made the switch to Android from Windows 10 Mobile and I noticed that on Android while the Microsoft Band is well supported it lacks Cortana integration. The app has just been updated adding Cortana to the Microsoft Band for Android owners.

After the app has been updated it downloads an update for the Microsoft Band, you then have to add Cortana via the Manage Tile section of the app and then you have Cortana on your Band which you can use for voice control and receive notifications from Cortana. You will have to have Cortana installed on your phone and the app is currently US only (you can side load the app by searching for the APK).

The updated Microsoft Health app is available from the Google Play Store.

What’s New

– Connect and compete with your friends – Create challenges for steps, cardio score, runs, and bike rides between you and your Facebook friends who also use Microsoft Health.

– Cortana is now available on Android – With Cortana on your Band, you can access your personal assistant for instant notifications of important events, communications, and voice-active info without reaching for your phone. Speak into the mic on your Band to Cortana to take actions for you.

– Bug Fixes

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