Posting this on here in case you are wondering why your Windows 10 Store is not showing app updates in the current Insider Preview Fast Ring build 14361 and whether is it just you or everyone. When going into the Windows Store and clicking on Check for Updates the store doesn’t show any app updates pending, if you search for an app in the store and open the app page it shows an Update button and adds the app to the Available Updates list.

The Windows Map app has updated overnight but was not showing in the Available Updates list, I searched for the app and then the update was available. It looks like this bug is effecting only the PC build as my Windows 10 Mobile device has big list of updates overnight. The above screenshot is the store after clicking on the Check for updates button and the image below is after I opened the app pages in the store.

Hopefully Microsoft can fix this either via a Store update or in the next build.

One thought on “It’s not just you: Windows 10 Check for updates not working in Redstone build 14361”
  1. This issue is also active for me. I installed the BUILD 14361 on my Lumia 930, then i hard reset the device. The store would not detect any app update…
    Now i am crying and updating each single app manually 🙁

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