Plex have been good supporters of Windows platform developing apps for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and now they a new Windows 10 UWP app in development. Plex have opened up a beta of the app and while I am not going to do a review of the app (seeing as it is still in development) I thought I would post some of my first impressions.

The app has been written from the ground up as a universal app and the first thing I noticed is the clean, elegant and scalable user interface. The app looks good on a small screen and a larger display, while the app is currently PC only you can see how well it will work on a phone when Plex release it. The new app also makes better use of the screen with a new navigation bar that is accessible wherever you are in the app so it is really fast to switch between music, movies and TV shows. Switching sections in the app is fast and it has smooth animated transitions between screens. Also all of the screens have been redesigned with extra information like cast information and shortcuts. Plex have adopted a up/down scrolling method for browsing content which is much more like Windows 10 than the old left to right scrolling.

The app has all the features of the old app like offline playback, multiple server support and casting to other Plex apps as well as Miracast (Plex say this is currently unreliable with this build).

So my first impression is this is a very rich and powerful media app for Windows 10 in combination with a Plex server and I really interested to see how Plex continue to develop it. The app is currently in beta and you can apply for access via Plex (see my post).

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