When you have multiple devices you want to charge at once a charging station is essential kit. I have reviewed a few different devices in the past with standard USB ports but this Choetech two USB-C ports as well as four standard USB ports. This means you can charge devices like the Nexus 6P or Lumia 950 at the 3A fast charging rate of USB-C while also charging 4 other devices. The USB-C ports put out 3amp and the standard ports put out 2.4amp. The total output is 11am and I charged up an iPad Mini, Microsoft Band, Encore 8 tablet, Nexus 5 and Lumia 950 XL as the same time without any problems and all my devices charged about the same speed as they would with standalone chargers.

I really like the design of the charger it has a soft plastic cover and has great look. In the box included with the station is a stand and USB-C cable. This is a very handy gadget to have on your desk as it saves having a gaggle of chargers cluttering up your desk.

The charger costs £18.99 from

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