The Microsoft Health app is making its way to Windows 10 PC and tablets with the latest update to the app. The updated app is rolling out this week via the Windows Store and you will be able to sync and manage your Microsoft Band from the app on a PC just as you can do now from an Android, iOS or Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile device. Even with your Band synced up with a phone you will still be able to view your stats and activity details on the PC.

For Microsoft Band 2 users in the update there is a new Explore tile for hiking. I do a lot of walking and normally use the running app on the Band to track my walks but it is not really designed for walking and the a new hiking app on the Band will be a lot better. The app has GPS Power Saver for tracking long walks, it will notify you when to hydrate and tell you when the sun sets. It will also alert you on inclement weather and displays map data, walk stats and track your data for viewing on the phone or PC later.

The update should be out later this week.

More details on Microsoft’s blog.

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