The VLC team have announced a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app of the extremely useful and popular video player. For Windows 10 Mobile the first public beta will be next week with an official release in early May. The mobile version will only work on the Redstone version of Windows 10 Mobile due to limitations of background audio APIs with the TH2 release of Windows 10 Mobile so if you are stuck on TH2 then you will have to stick with the Windows Phone version. The PC version will be available early May with a closed beta before then.

As the app is UWP app this means VLC will finally come to the Xbox One later this month when the Xbox opens up to 3rd party developers. This is great news for people wanting to play their own content on the Xbox One. The UWP app will also work on Windows 10 IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi so you can have a £20 player!

The other device that could get VLC is Hololens which development will start then the developers get hold of Hololens. For Windows Phone 8.1 users there will be one final update in May before development stops on the platform.

Have a look at the developer’s blog for the full details and screenshots. As far as features go the initial version will have the same features as the current VLC app but there will be new features coming like Windows 10 live tiles, Continuum and Cortana.

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