New stable and beta versions of Emby Server available

Emby Server users have two version of the media server to take a look at. For users that want a reliable stable system there is version 3.0.5912 which address issues with Safari and now supports m3ts direct play with WDTV Live and DLNA.

3.0.5912 – Stable

This is a small follow-up to the previous release designed to address a few issues:

Fix safari loading issue

Fix alphabet picker not working on some screens in Emby web app

Fix trailers missing from some Emby apps

Support m2ts direct play with WDTV Live DLNA

Support music dynamic images

For those of you wanting to be on the cutting edge there is a new build of Emby Beta. Version 3.0.5927 has much improved transcoding when using Microsoft Edge and Opera, the improved transcoding also helps when using Emby Theater on an Xbox One via Edge.

You can find both servers at Emby.Media

3.0.5927 – Beta

The beta has a number of new features that you can try out and help test:

New Features:

Dramatically improved transcoding for Microsoft Edge and Opera. You’ll now see more remuxing (stream copy), and very little video transcoding. Chrome users have been enjoying this feature for several months now. This also includes Emby Theater on Xbox One!

New media information from the HD Homerun api has been incorporated. You’ll now see more direct play and stream copy of live tv than ever before. Microsoft Edge can now direct stream your live tv thanks to it’s support for AC3 audio!

New in-browser rendering of ASS / SSA subtitles. This is a real treat for anime fans as it is no longer necessary to burn them in with transcoding. Styles are even preserved:

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