It has been a couple of weeks since we Microsoft released Windows 10 build 14295 to Windows Insiders and now we have a build 14316. The update which is for Windows Insiders on the fast ring includes native Bash in Windows. Cortana now has cross device notifications so you get low battery notification for your phone come up on the PC and there is Find my phone/Ring my phone from Cortana so you can locate your phone. Also added is you can now share map directions across devices via Cortana saying “directions to < place>” on your PC and it the directions will be sent to you phone.

Also in the update are new Microsoft Edge Extensions: Pin It Button and OneNote Clipper. Plus you can try out the new out the Skype UWP Preview app we talked about a few weeks ago.

Action Center has some improvements around app notifications:

Action Center Improvements: We have added the ability to select which app notifications are more important to you in Action Center. On your device, you can manage the notification settings for individual apps by going to Settings > System > Notifications & actions. Just click or tap on a specific app to adjust its notification settings. You can prioritize its notifications in Action Center to be one of 3 levels: Normal, High, or Priority. Additionally, you can also adjust how many notifications are visible per app. The default is now 3 per app. If an app has more than 3 notifications, just click or tap to expand and see all notifications for that app. This was a top request from Insiders.

There is now a dark mode in Windows 10! Go to Settings > Personalization > Colours

When you switch to dark mode, apps such as Settings, Store, Alarms & Clock, Calculator and other UWP apps that listen and respond to theme changes in the OS will change into dark mode. Some UWP apps that control their own theme settings (separate from Windows) won’t change by toggling this setting.

There is a new PC access feature that works like a Miracast adapter so a Lumia 950 XL can project its screen or Continuum desktop to a PC as well as other Miracast devices can send their screens to Windows 10. This is Wifi only at the moment but it will an interesting feature to try and I will look at this in a hands on video

New PC access experience: Using the new Connect app, you can bring the Continuum experience from your phone (a Continuum-enabled Windows 10 phone is required) to the PC without needing a dock or Miracast adapter. Additionally, it also allows other Miracast-enabled PCs to project to other PCs without needing a dock or Miracast adapter as well. The Connect app will mention the ability to use a USB cable to connect to your PC however this is a bug and the app only supports wireless connections on PCs. This is an early preview of this feature – we have more work coming to make the experience even better.

Things fixed in this release are:

We fixed the issue where on some PCs with TPM chips, such as the ASUS Zenbook UX31, you may have experienced glitchy audio and jumpy movement when using the trackpad due to the “tpm-maintenance” task running constantly in the background instead of once per boot-up like it should.

We fixed the issue where if you use Hyper-V and have a Virtual Switch configured for your network adapter, you might see an error indicator (red-colored “X”) for your network adapter in the notification area of your taskbar.

We polished the Wi-Fi flyout UI and fixed an issue where text entry into a Wi-Fi password field was noticeably top-aligned rather than centered.

We fixed an issue for where when using multiple monitors and full-screen apps like PowerPoint or Remote Desktop would crash Windows Explorer.

We fixed an issue where Cortana wasn’t showing Settings pages in the search results.

We have updated the Windows Update notification after updates have been installed so now clicking on the notification will take you straight to your update history.

We fixed an issue where desktop (Win32) apps pinned to the Start menu would sometimes move after updating to a new build.

We fixed an issue where “Update and Restart” and “Update and Shut Down” wouldn’t start an update.

The known issues are:

The Visual Studio emulator for Windows 10 Mobile and Hololens will fail with “An authentication error has occurred. The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted”. If you are a developer and require the emulator for building apps, we suggesting moving to the Slow ring and skipping this build until we can fix this issue.

We continue to investigate issues with Narrator and other screen reader apps that make them unable to read selected text in the Feedback Hub, Cortana, and other apps.

In Microsoft Edge, some large downloads may appear to get stuck at 99% completion. You can work around this issue by renaming the file in your downloads after closing Microsoft Edge. This workaround skips security checks on the file, so it should be used only with files from a trusted source.

In some cases, attempting to turn on Developer Mode on may crash the Settings app. If this happens, the workaround is to use these steps here to enable Developer Mode.

Some apps notifications may only show the icon – however the full text of the notification will be visible within Action Center.

Look out for a hands on video tomorror!


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