Plex have just released an update to the Roku version of the Plex app. The app has a new video player which significantly enhances the video playback experience. It has better control during playback,  smoother playback with less transcoding and improved UI.

Here are the new features and the fixes. You can find 4.1.0 in the channel section of the Roku player.

– New video player – excludes Roku LT (2400, 2450) and Roku HD (2500)
– Updated Video Overlay (OSD) – Now with 100% more awesome
– View and change settings in player
– View and select chapters in player
– View, select and modify video queue in player
– Skip videos using in player controls
– Shuffle videos in player
– Repeat one or all videos in player
– Direct Stream/Transcode using MKV instead of HLS
– Support to copy DTS, AC3 and EAC3 audio streams while transcoding video
– Support to copy compatible HEVC/VP9 and 4k video while transcoding audio (Roku 4)
– Transcoding incompatible subtitles (copy video instead of convert)
– Select media versions within player (including channels)
– Support to use Plex screensaver while video is paused
– Include video stream in the video settings
– Show stream selection count (availability) in video settings
– Support audio, video, and subtitle stream selection via Plex Companion
– Add tri-state subtitle preference – Burn Subtitles: [Always, Automatic [default], Only image formats]
– Add “Online” quality preference (channels, watch later, vevo, trailers, etc)
– Support to search within channels
– Support to handle remote keyboard entry (mobile Roku app)
– Support for the new 4k Roku TV

– Flinging media when screen saver is active
– Improve loading time exiting screensaver
– Available player controls (in channel and Plex Companion)
– Only show “Play Next” if a Play Queue exists
– Avatar background on user selection screen

Subtitle sync while transcoding

Possible crash marking as watched

Playback with mono audio using PMS 0.9.14 or greater

Transcoding WL/R content if a transcode server is available

Improve multi-part playback support

Better handle 1080p60 playback

TV play queues weren’t advancing

No audio during playback if audio sample rate is low

Watch Later and Recommendations playback failed while connected to a shared server

Add support to Direct Play 5.1 AAC/AC3 when the Roku is set to stereo
– Roku 4 supports downmixing 5.1 AAC audio
– Roku TV supports downmixing 5.1 AAC and AC3 audio

Bump default quality preference (specific to Roku model)
– 4Mbps local/online, 3Mbps remote: Roku LT, Roku HD, Roku Stick
– 8Mbps local/online, 4Mbps remote: Roku 2 [HD, XD, XS], Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku SE
– 12Mbps local/online, 4Mbps remote: Other Rokus
– [music] Repeat in the audio player
– [music] Button status color for shuffle/repeat
– [music] Smooth the Now Playing progress bar animation a bit
– [music] Show mini player when adding items to an empty queue
– [music] Adding a single item to the Play Queue
– [music] Anti-aliasing issue on now playing screen when toggling controls
– [music] Progress time (better lyric sync)
– [music] Playback of FLAC 192kHz files (transcode)
– [music] Used timed lyrics first if available
– [music] Do not direct play Apple Losseless (ALAC) audio (ALAC may cause a reboot)

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