Microsoft are soliciting for feedback for upcoming changes to the Windows 10 start menu and start screens. The changes are the way the “All apps” list is presented in the desktop and tablet modes of Windows.. In a quest in the Windows Insider Hub there are links to a Sway with side by side comparisons of proposed changes. There are before and after screenshots with a survey at the end.

The comparisons show the proposed new with a new start menu which adds the “All apps” list to the menu and reduces the space used by the power and settings buttons (see the screenshot above).

The tablet PC mode full screen start menu would work the same way but tapping the “All apps” button shows the list of apps in a way that very much reminds me of the Windows 8.1 all apps list. As you can see from the image above you gain more app shortcuts but you lose the live tiles in this view. Once you have seen the new layouts you can complete the survey in the Insider Hub Insider Hub: insiderhub://quests/c21c95be-b6ff-4c00-9702-e418bb2f6afa?Source=ShareContent

Interestingly there is a question on the survey asking if you would use an option to “easily show only live tile section of the Start menu (without the All apps list displaying),” which I think I probably would use.

Checkout the article on the Windows Insider Hub.


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