Emby Server has been updated with a couple of new features. Version 3.0.5882 now remembers audio and subtitle selections including so when you open a file you have played before it will apply the settings automatically. Another change is Emby aps will now auto-play next episodes just like Netflix, you can turn this off if you like in the preferences settings.

Emby is a great media server platform with clients for iOS, Windows, Android, Roku and more.

Go to Emby.media for more details.

Other Changes include:

Fix chromecast queue command

Update lazy loading of recording objects

Update dlna server

Add auto-organize smart match feature

Update device discovery

Fix subtitles in iOS safari

Fix subtitle position after seeking in chrome & chromecast

Remember audio & subtitle selections

Auto-organize fix

Fix reading of OfficialRatingDescription

Support additional m3u fields

Fix transcoding of sub/idx

Improve support for videos within photo libraries

Resolve issues with external players in mobile chrome

Support creating a new series with auto-organize

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  1. Did you see they also changed the license and closed source the apps ? Now they no reference to opensource on there home page.

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