At the end of last year Microsoft launched the Lumia 550 a new budget phone that ships with the new Windows 10 Mobile OS. For less than £100 SIM free the 550 is a really nice budget phone and a great way to try Windows 10 Mobile (see my review).

Microsoft don’t make cases for the new Lumia phones but there are a good selection of 3rd party cases available. In this video I take a look at three different types that offer varying levels of protection for your phone and get the thoughts of my 13 year old son whose phone is actually is. All the cases in this review where supplied to us by

The first one is an Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case. This is the most expensive (£19.99 at Mobilefun) of the cases but offers the best protection. The phone clips into the case which protects the front and back, it also has slots for storing your cards or cash. The phone fits snuggly into the case which has a magnetic clasp, while this case offers the best protection it does add some thickness to the phone and feels a little bulky but that is the trade-off you pay for the protection.

The 2nd case is a Olixar clear gel rear cover. This case clips on to the back of the cover and adds a thin rubber layer over the rear of the phone (£5.99 on Mobilefun). It fits well with the phone, the button and camera positions line up correctly and it does a good job protecting the rear of the phone. What it doesn’t do is protect the front of the phone so it will stop scratches to the rear cover and the sides.

The 3rd case is a Mozo Back cover. This cover replaces the original cover and so it doesn’t add any bulk to the phone (£9.99 on Mobilefun). It has a matt hardwearing plastic finish that has more of a premium feel than the original Microsoft cover. Everything lines up correctly and I have to say it looks really good. Like the gel case it doesn’t protect the screen but it does protect the phone itself.

Overall three very different cases, for my son I think the leather case is best option as it offers the best protection but he likes the Mozo back cover the most.

All three cases (and others) are available at here is my look at the cases.

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