Continuum supporting Remote Desktop Preview coming to Windows 10 Mobile

One of the main disappointments with the Microsoft Display Dock, Continuum and the Lumia 950 XL was the lack of support for Remote Desktop (see my review). Having the app would mean you could use the phone and the display dock to remotely connect and manage PCs and servers on a monitor. Last year Microsoft promised a fix for this and it looks like the update is on its way. Microsoft have announced that a new build of Remote Desktop Preview will be compatible with Windows 10 Mobile.

The app is a Universal Windows App so it works on the PC as well as the phone and will mean you can use RDP to connect to a PC or server, and if you have a 950 or 950 XL you can use the Microsoft Display Dock or Miracast to get the app on the big screen. I am really looking forward to trying this as it could be the app that really makes Continuum really useful.

At the time or writing the updated app hasn’t hit the Windows Store, the current version is 10.0.834 and the updated version that supports mobile will be 10.0.844.


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