Even in these days of storing content in the cloud there is still something very reassuring about having your own backup server running on your home network. You only have to look at the OneDrive controversy to see how cloud storage providers can move the goal posts at a moment notice.

Netgear have a range of back up servers and this ReadyNAS 102 is a very in-expensive £99 diskless device. With it being diskless you have to supply your own 3.5-inch hard drive which is fine for me as I have a few hanging around not being used.

Once you have added a drive the ReadyNAS can be used as a backup server, media server and install apps and services on it like Plex.
In this video I go through the setup process of the ReadyNAS and copying files on to it. I then try access the files via the Windows devices including using it as a DLNA server and access the media via Windows Media Player.

Setting up the NAS is a really simple and there are a lot of configuration options available. If you are looking for a low cost backup solution that you can also use a file server, media server, FTP server or Plex Sever this is a great option.

Have a look at this video of the ReadyNAS 102 in action.

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