Video: iClever Bluetooth Speaker Review


There are lots of options available for playing music on a phone, Google, Spotify, Groove and iTunes but do you really want to listen to music through a phone’s speaker? This is where iClever’s portable Bluetooth speaker comes in.

The speaker is a small but solid little speaker that connects to a phone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth. It has an excellent sound with plenty of volume and good bass reproduction. For its small size I was really impressed with the sound quality. I was also impressed with the build quality, it very well made with a nice solid feel. Another nice feature is the noise cancelling microphone built in so you can use it making hands free calls from your phone or use it with a PC and Skype. There are volume up/down buttons and a pause/play button for controlling playback (rather oddly on the bottom of the device).

As well as Bluetooth there is a 3.5mm audio input included so you can hook it up to any device that has an audio output. A 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable is included in the box.

It charges with a USB Micro port and cable (included) and costs £21.99 on Amazon, it would make a great Christmas gift. Thanks to iClever for sending me the review unit.

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