With the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL Microsoft have something called Continuum where you can use your phone to get a PC like experience with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. You connect your phone to the Microsoft Display Dock and then plug a keyboard, mouse and monitor to it and then you can use many of the Windows apps on like you would on a PC (see my review). But you don’t have to actually use the Dock if your monitor or TV supports Miracast.

Miracast is a wireless display technology that use can use to project your phone’s display up to a TV or monitor. The Xbox One supports Miracast as does most of Roku’s media streamers. In this video I use a Roku Stick with my Lumia 950 XL to get Continuum on my TV so I can get my email, Edge browsing and videos on the TV without needing the dock. The beauty of Continuum is that you can still use your phone at the same time. You don’t even have to use a keyboard or mouse, the Continuum app supports using the phone as a trackpad and the phones on screen keyboard.

It all works very well and once Microsoft get the Remote Desktop app working on Continuum it could be the only devices you need when traveling.

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