One of the unsung features of Windows 10 is the ability to store your personal music collection in the cloud and then access it from the web, Android, iPhone, Sonos, Xbox and Windows. You can set up OneDrive to sync music whether you use iTunes, Groove, Windows Media Player or Google Play Music.

In this video I show you how to use OneDrive to store your music and then setup iTunes and Google Play Music with OneDrive so you can access the content from the iOS, Android and Windows versions of Microsoft’s Groove app.

The first step is to use OneDrive which is Microsoft cloud music service. Windows 10 comes with OneDrive and you may well have set it up already. You will find the OneDrive icon in the in notification area where you can right click and select settings. You can then click on the Choose Folder button.

You can then tick the Music folder and OneDrive will sync this OneDrive folder with the cloud.

Once you have a music folder synced you can tell iTunes, Google Play Music and other music apps.

For example, in the Advanced Settings in iTunes there is a Change button where you change the location that iTunes uses to rip and store music. If you tell it to use the OneDrive music folder iTunes will then store new downloaded and ripped music in the cloud. You can also cut and paste your existing iTunes music folder to OneDrive and then all your iTunes collection will be available in the cloud.

The same goes for Google Play Music you can point that to the OneDrive music folder.

Once you have your music stored in the cloud you can stream or download the music via Microsoft’s Groove apps. There is an app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, iPhone and Android. There is also a web version. Microsoft give you 5GB of storage for free with OneDrive and if you have Office 365 you currently get 1TB of storage.

In this video I show how to setup OneDrive with iTunes, Google Play Music and Groove.

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