One of the main ways I consume media in my living room is streaming from my Plex Server on to my Xbox One. The server is a great way to store and manage your media collection and the Xbox app is a really rich front end for the system.

Plex have lifted the Plex Pass requirement that meant only paid Plex Pass subscribers could use the Xbox app and now it is free for anyone to use. Just make sure you have the latest Plex Server software running and you can find the Plex app in the Xbox app store.

Plex will handle your music, pictures, movies and TV collection and the Xbox app is a great way of getting the content onto the TV.

My new Windows 10 book includes getting started with Plex, you can find more about the book here.

2 thoughts on “Plex for the Xbox One is now free”
  1. Do you still need to be logged to run the Plex Server?
    This requirement has stopped me and plenty of others using Plex for years, see the huge thread on their forum. Yet the Dev’s won’t even talk about it let alone fix it. =(

    1. I think that you do need to be logged in – not just to the server – but there must be some form off “phone home” communications to set up the video stream…. if my ADSL goes down – the plex client on my LG cant find my plex server 🙁

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