Microsoft have announced a set of updates for the Microsoft Band that address some of the shortcomings of Microsoft’s fitness device. The main new feature is music control directly from the Microsoft Band. You can pause, play, skip forward and back, and control the volume from the Band’s touch screen. Microsoft say it will control any music app you use on your phone.

Also added is a new activity reminder that will tell you if you have been still for too long. You can customise the intervals and the days you want to be reminded and exclude times like when you are sleeping. The Exercise Tile has been updated, it is now easier to track your duration, calorie burn, heath rate and you can name your own activity.

One final addition is a “What’s New” tile that will show up when there are new updates for the band.

The changes are for the new Microsoft Band not the original Microsoft Band and will roll out via the Microsoft Health app on your phone.

Details from Microsoft

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