Groove for Windows 10 updated with improved live tile and UI tweaks

Microsoft have released an update for the Windows 10 Groove apps with the both the desktop and mobile version being updated. The desktop version has improved Live Tiles which includes the Groove logo when playing music and has some tweaks. The mobile version now includes album reviews and you can remove items from recent plays so you can remove your Wham! songs from your recent plays before passing your phone to someone.

You will find the update in the Windows Store.

Via Microsoft Answers

For desktop (version 3.6.1513.0):

Improved Live Tile UX

Showing the Groove logo when artwork is displayed

Showing album art

Removing the black half gradient

Shuffling the metadata around to be more useful

For mobile (version 3.6.1517.0):

Read album reviews

Update to Playlist header

Remove things from Recent Plays

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