A quick update for Emby Server users. The server software has just been updated again with a number of fixes including improved performance. There is reduced CPU unitization, UI improvements on Chrome and improved upgrade process.

I am a big fan of Emby, it’s a great alternative to Windows Media Center with Windows 10. The server is a free download from Emby.Media

  • Explicitly define SchedulesDirect request dates
  • Reduce CPU utilization by reducing frequency of image encoding
  • Adjust subtitle positions in web client when OSD is showing (supported in Chrome only)
  • Remove yellow backgrounds from login screens in Chrome
  • Improve upgrade process from older server versions
One thought on “Emby Server 3.0.5781.2 released”
  1. The problem with Emby is that there is still no equivalent of WMC for an HTPC. The Emby Theater client is an alpha from well over a year ago; and while the Emby team are working on a completely rewritten replacement, the initial release of this is still not widely available (it is still in closed beta).
    Mind you, it’s a similar story for Plex. The Plex Home Theater client is no longer being actively developed by the Plex team, who have just introduced a preview of a new Plex Media Player. This is intended to (eventually) replace the PHT client. I say eventually, because it is far from feature complete. It can’t even display the albums in my music library, for heaven’s sake!
    Plex or Emby – I still can’t choose between them, since they both have major shortcomings as WMC replacements for my household…

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