The BBC have launched a band new digital video store where you can buy and keep digital copies of BBC TV shows. The store contains new and archive content including many classic BBC shows, TV shows broadcasted on TV will be available in the store the day after broadcast and still available for 30 days on iPlayer.

The BBC have a vast achieve of content and it’s great to see it opened up. The best thing about the launch is that they have a Windows 10 universal app already, and it works on Windows 10 PCs and phones. With the app you can stream your purchased content over the internet and download it for watching offline. It is great to see a Windows app especially a universal app that works on the phone and PC, hopefully the Xbox One as well soon. There are also a Windows standalone EXE version, a version for Mac with iOS and Android coming next month. It is good to see Windows first!

The store is at and the Windows app is available from the Windows Store.

BBC Store allows you to instantly own and keep digital copies of the BBC programmes you love.

From the latest shows the day after they’ve been on TV, to classic titles from the BBC archive, we are making more content available to you than ever before. And we will be adding more programmes to our catalogue every day, so there will always be something new to enjoy time and time again.

2 thoughts on “BBC launch the BBC Store complete with universal Windows 10 app”
  1. Interesting, and long wanted. However, at the moment, the universal app apparently isn’t available in regions outside the UK. At least, when I follow your link to the Store entry on my desktop PC (region set to Netherlands), I can’t install it – and a search for “BBC Store” gives no results. If I look at the Store entry on my laptop (region set to the UK), then it is available for installation.

  2. I dug a little deeper, and in the Terms and Conditions it states that the BBC Store is only available to UK residents. This, for a store that is operated by BBC Worldwide. Somewhat oxymoronic.

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