The Windows Phone version of the brilliant VLC app has updated to version 1.8. According the release notes this is probably the last release before starting development of the Windows 10 version. The changes in 1.8 include a few nice UI improvements and some under the hood tweaks. The highlights include:

  • French language translation
  • new send feedback menu
  • Custom accent colours
  • Bigger buttons and text
  • Pivots now look like Windows Pone Pivots
  • Better looking slideshows
  • New video player zoom options: Best Fit (the current zoom), Vertical Zoom (new), Horizontal Zoom (new)
  • Syncing of colour preferences between devices

Plus there are many other tweaks and fixes.

The app update is rolling out now and available from the Windows Store and the full release notes over on the developer Thomas Nigro’s blog.

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