Yesterday Microsoft released Windows 10 build 10565 for Windows Insiders on the fast ring and today I got chance to give it a try. Due to an issue with the upgrade process this build my Linx 7 bluescreened during the install and so I tested this build on my Encore 8, and this build broke the sound on the Encore so I have to work on fixing that.

The main changes in this build are the new Skype apps which break down into Messaging, Phone and Skype Video. You use the Messages app to send Skype messages, the Phone app for Skype calls and the Skype Video app for Skype video calls.

Edge browser gains tab previews which looks great and synced favourites and reading lists and there are some UI improvements.

In this video I take a look at the new Messaging apps, the improvements to Edge and the UI changes.

[Since recording the video I managed to get the audio drivers working and Skype now works]

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