Tomorrow is Microsoft’s biggest Windows 10 devices event which is probably the biggest single Microsoft hardware revel for some time. The event which starts at 3pm UK time (10am New York time) will be streamed live on Microsoft’s event page or you can watch it on an Xbox One via the Xbox Live Events app.

So what do we think we are going to see? We are pretty sure that there will be two new flagship Lumia phones, the 950 and 950XL. Microsoft’s UK store already accidently revealed the specs and most of the details have been leaked at this stage.

It also looks likely that we will see a 2nd generation Microsoft Band, Microsoft’s Band email account sent out links the event today say they have some thing exciting to show off which means Microsoft Band 2. Also extremely likely is a new Surface Pro 4 with better processor, thinner lighter as you would expect from a 4th generation device. It also looks like we are going to see Hololens, the Hololens email account has been sending out links to the event and while I don’t expect to see consumer hardware we may see details of the first Hololens developer kits.

Other rumours include Google announcing Windows 10 apps which I have to say is probably more wishful thinking rather than fact and there are rumours of another Surface device which could be a 14-inch device, or maybe the mythical Surface Mini!

Anyway let’s hope there are some surprises. Jason, Garry and I will be talking about the event on the podcast tomorrow evening, join us at 9pm for the live recording.

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