Microsoft have confirmed the new Xbox One dashboard will be rolling out November 12th. The Windows 10 powered experience has a new look and feel makes it faster to navigate around the systems. The main changes including improved notifications, messaging and party invites. There is fast access to the Game Hubs, new community sections, Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility, improved Xbox One Store and an overhaul to the OneGuide which gains content from movies and video apps as well as from TV.

I have been using the new dashboard for a few weeks and found it nice improvement to the overall experience, and while it is labelled as Windows 10 powered you won’t see the start menu or anything like that on it but it running Windows 10 under the covers.

You can read about all the changes on the Xbox Blog and your Xbox One will be updating November 12th.

2 thoughts on “New Windows 10 based Xbox One experience is coming November 12th”
  1. How small are the icons and text? The one thing I’ve noticed (compared to my old 360) since getting the One is that a lot of text/icons in some games aren’t that readable on a 38″ screen at 3 meters away (like Forza 4/5, where the text is only readable when I’m sitting at my PC, streaming the game from the Xbox). It’s like the only use cases games are designed for are people who use a console like a PC (so sitting right next to the monitor) or people with 60″-70″ plasmas. I’m worried the new experience might suffer from the same problem

  2. Any chance you can post a Video on how the OneGuide has been improved with the content from the Movies & Video Apps.

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