The Surface brand has seen an incredible turnaround of fortune with the original Surface RT being an expensive failure (despite me loving mine) to the Surface Pro 3 being a critical hit and selling well. Today Microsoft announced the 4th generation Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 4 has 12.3 inch display while retaining the same size so the bezel is smaller (and doesn’t have a Windows key). The screen is 267 ppi, it has 16GB RAM and 1TB drive. The Surface Pro 4 supports Windows Hello, a new Surface Pen that has an eraser (there was a little dig about the Apple Pencil not having an eraser) and supports 1024 levels of pressure. I like the small touch of having the pen magnetically stick to the Surface. There are five colours of pen with interchangeable tips.

Microsoft say the Surface Pro 4 is 30% faster than the Surface Pro 3 and 50% than a MacBook Air. There is also a new Surface Pro docking station that works with the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 with two 4k outputs.

There is a new Surface Pro keyboard that works with the Pro 3 and Pro 4, it has larger keys and a 40% larger trackpad.

The Surface Pro 4 starts at $899 and will be available October 26th.

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