As expected today Microsoft have announced two new flagship phones. The specs leaked just about everywhere including the Microsoft Store and Microsoft confirmed the Lumia 950 is a 5.2 inch phone 564 PPI with the 950XL having a 5.7 inch display at 518 PPI. Both phones have a 20MP camera, Qi charging, 32GB, Micro-SD card support (up to 2TB), USB-C, support Windows Hello sign in and the 950XL has Surface Pen support.

Windows Hello sign on means it uses the camera to unlock the phone and the demo made it look pretty seamless. There is a triple RGB flash that means no read eye and optical stabilisation. They have fast charging which means 50% in 30 minutes and of course they support continuum.

Also available is a Microsoft Display Dock for continuum which you can use to connect the phone to a display, keyboard and mouse and use the phone as a PC. It looks good running the apps and still using the phone at the same time, it seems a good way of differentiating the phones from Android and iOS by effectively making it a PC.

The phones will be available unlocked from the Microsoft Store with the 950 priced at $549 and the 950XL priced at $649 and will be available in November.

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