If you are using Emby Server for storing and managing your media you can now stream to the new Chromecast Audio device. With Chromecast Audio you can plug the little device into a set of speaker and then using the Emby Chromecast app you can stream your music to the speakers. It a nice cheap way of getting started with home media streaming potentially using existing speakers you may have.

Details from Emby:

We’ve updated our Chromecast app with support for the new Chromecast Audio devices. To receive the update, simply power cycle your Chromecast device and reconnect from the casting app.

In case you’ve missed it, Chromecast Audio allows you to connect Chromecast devices to any speaker set, allowing you to send media from Emby apps. Emby for Chromecast allows to you play songs, albums, playlists, instant mixes, shuffle and more.

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