Microsoft have released Update 3 for Windows RT which includes a new Windows 10 like start menu. The new start menu isn’t the start menu we have now in Windows 10 but a version seen in the very early Windows 10 preview builds and was probably once a candidate to be included in Windows 8.1 until the idea was scrapped in favour of Windows 10.

Once the updates has been installed you get an extra option in the Taskbar and Start Menu properties where you can select to use the start menu instead of the start screen. After selecting the option you have to log on and off again and then you have the new start menu.

I really wonder what is the point, the number of people with Windows RT devices like the Surface RT, Surface 2 and Lumia 2520 that really wanted a new start menu must be tiny. Also a start menu without windowed app seems a bit pointless. We know that Windows 10 is not coming to Windows RT and the platform is dead so why bother?

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