If you are in the UK and are missing Windows Media Center guide data beyond September 6th it’s not just you is Microsoft. In what seems to be an annual problem guide data isn’t downloading to Windows Media Center systems. 11 months ago Windows Media Center had exactly the same problem with Microsoft fixing just as the EPG data ran out so hopefully they get the issue resolved quickly as A DVR without an EPG is pretty useless. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy to get Media Center users off Windows 8 and on to Windows 10!

You can vote up the issue on Microsoft’s Connect site.

8 thoughts on “Windows Media Center guide data problems for UK users return”
  1. Good to know it isn’t just me! I was almost at the point of buying a new TV card as I thought that was the only fix. I’ve been searching the web for 3 or so days but your post only popped up today.
    I remember it happening a few Christmas’s ago and then I spent a few days setting up a system with a third party epg scraper (which was very messy). I was just in the process of backing up before reinstalling my system – at least it’s saved me all that messing around – thank you!

  2. The Microsoft PM for servicing Windows Media Center has tweeted that he is aware of the issue and is looking into it. But US national holiday may cause a delay.

  3. The download EPG is finally working again but only covers 7 days. This should be 14 days so hopefully this is just an interim feed.

  4. I’ve been looking for a decent replacement after this mess. The only backend I’ve got working with Kodi is nextpvr but I’m still having epg issues with that not getting all channels etc. Is there really no easy way to get a system running with an epg? I’m even considering just buying a satellite set top box.

  5. The problem is back. Current guide data runs out on 6/10. Microsoft really are determined to kill off Media Center.

  6. Oh ffs 🙁 looks like I’ll just get a set top box, Kodi is horrible to set up with live tv. I never even managed to get it working properly and you still need to sort out an epg system after all the config nightmare.

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