If you are looking for media center features in Windows 10 rather than trying to hack Windows Media Center into the OS you should have a look at alternatives like Emby, Kodi, Plex and MediaPortal. MediaPortal is Windows based media solution and the summer 2015 release has just been updated. The summer update added support for Windows Media Center WTV and DVR-MS files and this release fixes issues with the last update.

Here is a list of the fixes included with this update:

Fixes for TV feature:

IPTV was broken, loading of plugins fixed, ini-file in correct location now

Fixed missing registration of MPEG muxer filter for analog/ATSC

Updated core to MP1.12 version

Radio groups are now visible in SlimTV client (same as TV groups)

Other fixes:

Metadata: improved video metadata

TaskScheduler: fixed removing of tasks

Skin: fixed animations when leaving screen

New features:

Installer: our new installer simplifies intallation process: all dependencies are now directly installed

TV: automatically create media sources for recording folders to simplify configuration

TV: allow “auto tune last channel” when entering TV

TV: added program search feature

Skin: New BlueVision “Windows 10” theme

Skin: New BlueVision “Large fonts” theme

Skin: Added option to disable skin sounds

Skin: BlueVision skin improved, new menu button for easy access of hidden menu

Helpers: New Log Collector allows easy collection of log files for creating bug reports

Weather: thanks to WorldWeatherOnline we are now able to provide weather data to the increasing count of users

You can download the update and read the full release notes at team-mediaportal.com

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